Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the agreement of a specific business task to a third-party in order to save money.

Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) is a form of outsourcing in which knowledge- and information-related work is carried out by workers in a different company.

Online Data entry services

  • UK WEB EXPERTS is specialized in providing quality outsourcing data entry services.
  • We provide data entry services range from simple data entry work to compilation of data from website, business card, e-books and catalogs.
  • We provide data entry services with high quality, on-time and affordable priced data entry outsourcing services in India.
  • Online Data Entry Services
  • Offline Data Entry Services
  • Image Data Entry Services
  • Website Data Entry Services
  • Book Data Entry Services


E-Commerce Product Data Entry

  • E-Commerce data entry is the process of entering the data on E-Commerce sites related to the products being offered by the sites.
  • UK WEB EXPERTS is has been a leading player in offering E-commerce catalog data entry and product management services.
  • UK WEB EXPERTS professional are very experienced to deliver cost effective services with high excellence, high accuracy and within least schedule.
  • Magento Product Upload
  • Opencart Product Upload
  • eBay Product Upload
  • Big Commerce Product Upload
  • Shopify Product Upload

Data conversion services

  • Data conversion, as the name implies, deals with changes required to move or convert data from one physical environment format to another format.
  • Data conversion is one of the areas in the field of data entry that is emerging as a high growth service.
  • UK WEB EXPERTS is pioneer in providing data conversion services. By providing global customers with cost-effective service without compromising on quality.
  • Data conversion from paper
  • Data conversion from Books
  • Data Conversion from image files in any format
  • Data Conversion from book to E-Book
  • Data conversion of hardcopy/Printed Material into excel, word, access or such formats
  • Data conversion of Business Transaction

Data research services

  • UK WEB EXPERTS provides premium web research, internet research and all type of data research to meet the needs of client requirements.
  • Our Data Researches services are conducted by experienced professionals with wide domain understanding and expertise in specialized research.
  • Products Research
  • Online Research
  • Lead Research
  • Document Research
  • Business Research

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